Sophie Bell, Emma Perdue and Paige Hall-Petry: 

Jesus of Suburbia

June 3 - June 23, 2018


Jesus of Suburbia, guess curated by Clare O'Mahoney, examines memory, femininity, and suburban vernaculars through the work of Sophie Bell, Emma Perdue, and Paige Hall-Petry. Seeking to hone in on adolescent angst and malaise through the realms of mass produced popular imagery, the banal, and domestic each artist engages with the strange trappings inherent in the normative contexts located on the periphery of the urban. Often times these paintings find themselves capturing the dysphoric, sublime, or mediocre localized to the suburban. Suburbia serves as an imaginary, a broader milieu hyper-localized in memory alone to a specific town, neighborhood or block, where the sounds of ice cream trucks, skateboards on asphalt, and the closing of car doors in the driveway can be heard in the mind's echoes.